Tunnock's Caramel Log - 27g

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His Highness 👑 Inspired Luxurious Tunnock's Caramel Log

Want a snack that will have you feeling like royalty? Look no further than the Tunnock’s Caramel log- the ideal fit for Kings, Queens, (or anyone in between.)

Let’s talk about the taste, shall we? The Tunnock’s Caramel Log covers a generous layer of smooth milk chocolate cocooned in a fluffy, light biscuit case. The soft and gooey caramel is a luxurious delight for your taste buds.

The iconic red & white wrapper 🍬 is like a beacon of hope, promising a tasty treat inside that will have you swooning. It’s like royal decadence only reserved for Kings. (long-live).

Caution: you might need to take a royal nap after this royal treat. 

Product of the USA
27g (0.95 oz.)