Trolli Peachie O's - 4.25oz

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Peachy good gummies from Trolli!

A-peach-iate your tastebuds and treat them with the Trolli Peachie O's!

These delicious sour candies are bursting with a fresh and juicy peach flavor just waiting to explode in your hungry mouth. One bite and you'll be feeling peachy keen! These are some of the best sour gummies you will ever taste!
Made in the round, gummy ring shapes in warm and peachy tones. Your mouth will be watering when you taste that puckersome sour candy punch!
This sweet and sour candy comes complete with a sanded finish. Adding to the magnificent texture and mouth-watering flavor.
Don't worry. We practice what we peach by eating this satisfying and popular Trolli candy!
Make it a peachy day! With the Trolli Peachie O's!