Trident Vibes Sour Patch Kids Redberry - 40pcs

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Sour Patch Kids chew this gum!

These kids are on another flavorful adventure; this time, they've gotten into the berries!

The Trident Vibes Sour Patch Kids Redberry is a fantastically flavoured chewing gum. Abundantly filled with those sweet redberry flavors, providing a lingering and long-lasting taste in every piece.
This pairing of Sour Patch Kids and Trident Gum can only mean one thing! And that's a flavorful journey of sweet and sour!
Every piece of this chewing gum is finished with a layer of candy-coated goodness. Nestled inside awaits a juicy-tasting explosion of redberry flavors!
Every chew begins with that signature Sour Patch Kids sourness before transforming into sweetness.
To say it's an adventure is an understatement; this gum is simply incredibly delicious!
Capture all those redberry vibes with the Trident Vibes Sour Patch Kids Redberry!
40 Pieces