Tres Leche's Toast Crunch - 552g

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Breakfast cereal never tasted so good!

Start your day off right with the incredible taste of Tre Leche's Toast Crunch!

Breakfast will never be the same again. Forget the oatmeal. Make way for these crunchy square-shaped bites of pure bliss!
This cereal is made to echo the taste of decadent taste of Tre Leche's sponge cake.
That means that every bite is filled with the overwhelming goodness of cinnamon and caramel. Just admit it; your eggs and bacon could never!
As you pour this cereal into your bowl, your biggest bowl, the aromatic scent of cinnamon will have your tastebuds doing backflips. As you crunch through every spoonful, the cinnamon and caramel flavors dance in your mouth, performing the most perfect tango.
This impressive American Cereal is filled with remarkable flavors and the ideal crunchy texture. Top off your yogurt parfaits with it, ice cream, frozen yogurt or other desserts. Heck, truth be told, you'll be eating this straight out of the box!
Breakfast will never be boring with the triumphant taste of the Tre leche's Toast Crunch!