Trailer Park Boys Dirty Burger Chips - 3.5oz

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The Trailer Park Boys love these potato chips!

Open wide for the ultimate burger snack with the Trailer Park Boys Dirty Burger Potato Chips. These potato chips are all the talk at the Sunnyvale Trailer Park. 

Where on any given day, you can find, Ricky, Randy or Jim crunching through these chips. A beer in one hand and a mouthful of potato chips, that's the Trailer Park Boys way!
As you open up these flavorful-tasting chips, the savoury scent of a well-done burger will come to mind. Imagine tasting a hamburger with all the toppings. That's just what these spectacular chips offer! No sloppy burger here, just crunchy!
You might be smelling a little beefy right now; no worries "bud". It's nothing that beer won't fix, eh?
These potato chips are based on the popular Canadian television series The Trailer Park Boys. Based on some rowdy friends who live in a trailer park.
The show is over, but the legacy lives on!
Experience the crunch just like the boys with the Trailer Park Boys Dirty Burger Potato Chips!