Trailer Park Boys Chicken Strips - 3.5oz

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The Trailer Park Boys love these potato chips!

Crunch your way through the Trailer Park Boys Chicken Strips Potato Chips just like Ricky, Jim and Bubbles!

These potato chips are seasoned to perfection. Made with the discriminating palates of the popular Canadian television show The Trailer Park Boys.
Opening this bag of chips, you'll probably want to crack open a beer just like our boys, eh? 
As the deliciously seasoned scent of chicken strips linger in the air. You won't be able to resist the giant crunch and incredible flavours!
These chips are ready to tackle the munchies, trailer park style! They make a great snack anytime but are especially good when you're watching the good old boys!
Rumoured to be the number one eaten potato chip in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park!
Get ready for a snacking adventure! With the Trailer Park Boys Chicken Strips Potato Chips!