Toxic Waste Sour Smog Balls - 3oz

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Suffer or Savor With Toxic Waste Sour Smog Balls! 

This sour candy could only come from the sourly twisted minds of Toxic Waste – more specifically Professor Saurnoggin! The Toxic Waste Sour Smog Balls are hard candy balls with a sour chewy center that will have your taste buds exploding with excitement! Take the insanely sour leap and try the Sour Smog Balls and see if you can handle the mega sour levels.

The Smog Balls come in 6 flavors including Lime, Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon, Blue Raspberry and Grape. You can try these sour sensations one at a time or if you’re feeling risky, pop a couple in your mouth at once and see how much you can endure at once!

3oz (85g)

Made in the USA