Toxic Waste Slime Licker 2.0 - 2oz

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Taste the Trendy Sour Sensation!

You might recognize the Toxic Waste Slime Lickers from Tiktok! This trendy candy had people in a tizzy over its insanely sour effects on our taste buds. The Toxic Waste brand is without a doubt one of the most sour candy experiences you can endure and the Slime Lickers are no different. If you love pushing yourself to intense limits with sour candy, then you have to give the Slime Lickers candy a chance. This brain-twitching candy comes in two fruity flavors including Strawberry and Blue Razz. See how much sourness you can handle on your own or challenge your friends to see which one of you can tolerate more sour stings! 

2oz (57g) 

Made in the USA