Toxic Waste Assorted Hazardously Sour Candy 1000 Pieces - 3kg

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Hazardously Tasty Sour Candy!

Never let another piece of candy go to waste again with Toxic Waste Assorted Hazardously Sour Candy! With ONE THOUSAND Toxic Waste candies to indulge in, you’ll never find yourself coming up short when your sweet tooth starts aching.

Toxic Waste candy is meant to be enjoyed by those of you that get a thrill from intensifying sour stings! Including an assortment of super sour flavors, you can find your favorite fruity flavor to shock your taste buds.

This bulk candy is perfect for any large gathering, gender reveal or birthday party to see which one of the guests can handle the most Toxic Waste candy at once! 

6.61lbs (3kg) 

Made in the USA