Tootsie Roll - Giant Bar 3 oz.

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Tootsie Roll is an old fashioned candy!

Filled with giant flavor, your tastebuds will really be on a roll with this Tootsie Roll!
Now you can indulge in the undeniable delicious taste of the famous Tootsie Roll made in a hefty size!
As you bite through the chocolatey, chewy taste of this old fashioned candy, the scent alone will have you wanting more!
Every mouthwatering bite captures the incredible and delectable notes of chocolate. That sink your teeth into texture, makes the Tootsie Roll irresistible!
Somewhere in between a chocolate-flavoured stretchy taffy and chewy caramel, the Tootsie Roll is truly unforgettable!
Making its very sweet debut in 1896, this was the very first wrapped penny candy! The maker of this classic candy was Leo Hirschfeld, who named this candy after his daughter's nickname, "Tootsie." Now, isn't that just the sweetest?
A favourite old fashioned candy that has been unwrapped by billions of candy lovers everywhere!
Have a giant taste of deliciousness with this Tootsie Roll - Giant Bar!