TikTok Candy Fun Box

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A candy box full of TikTok Candy!

Makes for a great candy gift box!

Designed with the Tik Tok Candy Lover in mind. The Tik Tok Fun Box will provide countless delicious bites and perhaps hours' worth of pure candytainment! 
This candy box makes the perfect companion while watching your favourite Tik Tok creator indulge in all that trendy and new candy!
From the earth-shattering, cringe-inducing taste of sour candy to the sweetest and most magical-tasting creations.
You could possibly find the famous taste of the ever-so-popular Slime Licker candy, the sting of Toxic Waste, or the retro candy fun of the Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottle candy!
It all looks so good you can almost taste it! Now you can, with this original curated box of TikTok candy!
Make it a delicious-tasting possibility, and use this candy box for any Tik Tok fanatic you know.
Become a viral sensation, or at least eat the candy with the Tik Tok Fun Box!

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