Thortons Pearls Salted Caramel Sensation (UK) - 167g

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 A sensational British candy!

Indulge your chocolate cravings with the exquisite taste of Thorton Pearls Salted Caramel Sensation.
This British chocolate is a premium made chocolate, featuring a smooth and velvety texture sure to ignite satisfaction!
As you bite through each chocolate pearl, you're met with a layer of rich milk chocolate and a luscious filling of golden caramel infused with a hint of salt.
This British candy is the very definition of pure decadence. A must-try chocolate for any true chocolate connoisseur!
Thorntons has been meticulously crafting its fine chocolate since 1911. Featuring a variety of high-quality British chocolate, available in a range of dynamic flavors.
Experience deliciousness like never before with Thorton Pearls Salted Caramel Sensation!