Fruity's Ju-C Jelly Bites - 11.3oz

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TikToks Fav Candy is Back!!

As seen on TikTok, these popular jelly candies are back on the market!!

These little jelly bites pack a punch with every bite, bursting with juicy flavors that will transport you straight to fruit heaven. Each jelly candy will take your breath away with how flavorful the fruit sweetness is! The unreal fruity flavors include grape, orange, apple, pineapple and strawberry. But that's not all - these little bites are perfect for snacking on the go. Whether you're in need of a quick pick-me-up or just looking for a delicious treat, Fruity's Ju-C Jelly Bites are the perfect choice. And we love the convenient resealable bag since you can take them with you wherever you go!

11.3oz (320g) 

Made in the USA