Terry's Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs White (UK) - 80g ** BB 2024/Feb/28**

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Chocolate eggs from Terry's Chocolate Orange!

Experience the crunch like never before with Terry's Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs White. Imported from the UK, this British Chocolate is filled with intense texture and phenomenal taste!

Each little mini egg is covered with a crunchy orange shell and filled with creamy white chocolate.
As you bite through these white chocolate eggs, you'll be delighted with that silky, decadent chocolate and the zesty infusion of natural orange oil.
The crunchy texture on the outer layer just enhances the silky creaminess of the middle. Each adorable mini egg is a whirlwind of impeccable flavors and texture.
These chocolate eggs make a perfect Easter Chocolate. Include them in your Easter decor, or fill up some Easter baskets! They would be an excellent finishing touch on top of cookies or cupcakes.
Terry's Chocolate Orange has been delivering its citrusy chocolate flavor since 1932. Available in an assortment of different shapes and sizes, Terry's Chocolate makes every occasion memorable!
Taste the egg-citement with Terry's Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs White!