Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis White UK - 85g

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White Chocolate from Terry's Chocolate Orange!

Satisfy your white chocolate cravings with Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis! This zesty white chocolate is imported from the UK. 
Made in the shape of orange slices, this British Chocolate is rich and velvety and includes an infusion of real orange oil.
Each mouthful is made with a luscious and silky smooth texture. That extra touch of the orange flavor takes it over the edge, creating a citrusy delight with every bite.
This British chocolate is a must-have for the ultimate lover of white chocolate. It's a sweetly satisfying treat. As each chocolate melts on your tongue, you'll experience an exquisite blend of irresistible flavor and textures.
Terry's Chocolate Orange made its delicious debut in 1932, turning the humble orange into a true work of art! They offer various renditions of orange in milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate flavors.
Treat yourself to the indulgent taste of Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis!