Tangy Zangy Sour Wild Berry Twisties 127g

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Twist and shout for this sour candy!

Get in touch with your wild side with the Tangy Zangy Sour Wild Berries Twisties. This sour candy is a tongue-tingling taste of a superb blend of fantastic-tasting berry flavors.

Made in bite-size pieces for that perfect bite! Each sour candy comes with a sanded sugar finish, adding some exciting crunch to the chewy candy texture!
With every satisfying sour bite, those vibrant flavors of wild berries will burst, unleashing a long-lasting and thrilling sour taste!
These Tangy Zangy Twisties make a perfect indulgence when those sour cravings come calling. Great for sharing if you can manage to save a few!
Unleash your inner wild child with the Tangy Zangy Sour Wild Berry Twisties!