Tajubo Gummy Bites - Strawberry 60g

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Have a bite of this gummy candy!

Take a delicious bite out of life with the Tajubo Gummy Bites! This gummy candy features a colourful array of little nugget shapes.
With a crunchy and chewy texture in every bite, this strawberry-infused candy offers a sensationally sweet strawberry flavor.
Enjoy one at a time or pour a hefty helping directly into your mouth; you just can't go wrong with this gummy candy.
Get out your long-forgotten crystal candy dish and share it with family and friends. You can also have a bag on hand to add to your candy rotation. This candy is simply incredible—this is the "bite" that just keeps on giving!
Make your day unforgettable with the Tajubo Gummy Bites - Strawberry!