Swizzel's Vimto Chew Bar (UK) - 18g

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This British Candy is chewy!

Discover the sensational taste of the Swizzle's Vimto Chew Bar! This fruit-filled bar is imported from the UK. Made with the popular British soda Vimto. 

Joining forces, this chew bar includes the vibrant flavors of grapes, raspberries and blackcurrants.
With each and every chewy bite, those sparkling berry flavors sweetly burst and come alive, providing you with a lingering sweetness.
This chewy candy makes a convenient snack. Perfect to enjoy while you're on the run or encounter a long and busy day. 
Made with real fruit juice and natural colors, offering an authentically delicious taste.
Swizzel's has been thrilling our taste buds since 1928. Delivering a variety of British candy like Love Hearts, Fizzers and Parma Violets.
Make the day sweeter with Swizzle's Vimto Chew Bar!