Swizzel's Stinger Chew Bar (UK) - 18g

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Get a sweet sting with this British Candy!

Get into the sweet sting of things with Swizzle's Stinger Chew Bar! This Britsh Candy is a chewy textured bar that's bursting with the fantastic flavor of Tutti Frutti.

But it's the middle that really sets this chew bar apart! As you bite through this bar, its fizzy center will explode in all of its delicious glory! The real sting of this chew bar is that fun fizz!
Swizzle's Candy has been delighting us with its sweet treats since 1928. This old-fashioned candy is a classic. Offering a variety of fun flavors and, of course, some sweet satisfaction!
Get bitten by the candy bug with Swizzle's Stinger Chew Bar!