Swizzels Squashies Cherry & Apple Flavour - 160 g

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This British Candy is soft and chewy!

Discover a soft and squishy gummy candy with Swizzles Squashies Cherry & Apple Flavour!

Imported from the UK, this sour candy will certainly have your taste buds in a tantalizing tizzy!
As you bite through each soft foam gummy candy, the texture is unbelievably irresistible. Giving off a pillowy and luscious texture.
The tangy and sour notes are rounded off with the fruity flavors of a sweet cherry topped off with a tart apple taste. These gummies are tremendously soft and chewy, releasing a long-lasting and lingering flavor with every blissful bite!
Eating a Squashie candy leaves you wanting more. The texture is all part of the fun with this sour candy!
Swizzles Candy has been giving our jaws a workout since 1928! Famous for Drumstick Candy, Fizzers and the forever-sweet Love Hearts!
Squash those candy cravings good! With Swizzles Squashies Cherry & Apple Flavour!