Swizzels Giant Parma Violets (UK) - 40g

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This British Candy came to us in 1928!

Violets might be blue, but have you ever eaten them? The Swizlles Giant Parma Violets are named after the Parma Violet. These delicate little flowers have been brought to life in this exquisite-tasting English candy.

Featuring a roll of tablet-like candies. Made with the sweet and fragrant aroma of the Parma Violet. 
As you crumble through these candies, the sweet and delicate flavors come alive. Bursting into a unique and quaint taste. With each candy, you'll be taken away to the middle of a lush field of beautiful purple violets. 
A dreamy candy made for the ultimate foodie and candy connoisseur!
Swizzles Matlow have been spoiling us with their sweet candies since 1928. Offering us a nostalgic taste of old-fashioned candies that have been savoured for generations!
Discover a whole new flavorful candy with the Swizzles Giant Parma Violets!