Swizzel's Giant Fizzers (UK) - 40g

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This British Candy is filled with fantastic fizz!

This British Candy is fun and fruity and filled with some fantastic fizz! Swizzle's Giant Fizzers are ready to burst in your mouth with intense and vibrant fruitiness!

Each candy holds a world of deliciousness! Experience the flavors of exotic pineapple, tangy lemon, sweet orange, sour cherry, refreshing lime and delicious blackcurrant.
As you bite through this British candy, it crumbles fantastically, releasing a truly magical fizz! The flavors are intense and offer a "giant" taste of exciting and fresh fruitiness!
Swizzlel's has been pleasing our candy cravings since 1928. Creating the candy of our dreams from the classic Drumsticks, Love Hearts, and Fizzers!
Feel the giant fizz with Swizzle's Giant Fizzers!