Swizzel's Drumstick Chew Bar (UK) - 18g

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A very chewy British Candy!

Wouldn't you love to sink your teeth into a juicy drumstick? Now you can with the Swizzle's Drumstick Chew Bar!

This British candy is a classic. A chewy bar made with the tangy and sweet taste of raspberry and the creamy addition of a smooth milk flavor.
As you open up this candy, those notes of fragrant raspberry will have your taste buds in a tantalizing frenzy!
One bite and those creamy sensations come alive, bursting with a sweet creaminess and a fantastic fruity zing!
Swizzle's Drumstick has been satisfying our sweet urges since 1957, giving generations of candy enthusiasts that chewy candy satisfaction!
Make your day extraordinary with Swizzle's Drumstick Chew Bar!