Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix Lucky Charms - 260g

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Get lucky with this hot chocolate!

Feeling lucky? Delve into the fun of your favourite cereal with the Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix Lucky Charms!

This hot chocolate is rumoured to be the number-one choice of leprechauns everywhere! 
As luck would have it, this Swiss Miss drink now includes the fun of Lucky Charms Cereal! This rich-tasting hot chocolate drink is made with premium cocoa and a generous serving of Lucky Charms marshmallows. 
As you prepare to take a warm and comforting sip of this hot cocoa, you'll be overwhelmed by its delectable chocolate-filled scent. As those colourful little marshmallows float to the top, you take that first delicious sip. The cocoa and marshmallows make a perfect couple. Delivering a flavourful pop of that squishy marshmallow texture along with a rich swirl of chocolate in every taste!
Warm up as our cute little leprechaun friends do! With the Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix Lucky Charms!