Sweetarts Ropes Twisted Rainbow Punch Soft & Chewy Ropes - 3.5oz

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Be Flexible with the Sweetarts Ropes Rainbow Candy

Hit the jackpot of Sweetarts candy with Sweetarts Ropes Twisted Rainbow Punch! This rainbow candy has the ultimate mixture of fruity flavors from green apples, strawberries, cherries and oranges. The Sweetarts Ropes Rainbow candy is made with a taffy/licorice outer layer and a chewy fruity center that will make your mouth water just at the thought of it. This irresistible sweet and tart candy will have you chewing for a while, and if you’re feeling generous then you can definitely share this amazing rope candy with your buddies to enjoy. We suggest stocking up on this classic candy because it could be gone before you know it! 

3.5oz (99g)

Made in the USA