Sweetarts Ropes Bites Candy - 5.25oz

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Take a bite out of these Sweetarts Ropes!

Bite off more than you can chew with the Sweetarts Ropes Bites Candy! Created by the king of candy himself, Willy Wonka.

You'll be swept off your candy-loving feet! With a fun and flavorful taste of sour and sweet candy. The outer layer holds that sour tang, while the middle captures a sweet and fruity taste.
Open wide for these best sour candies! Experience the soft and chewy sour candy flavours of Orange, Strawberry, Green-Apple, Cherry and Blue Punch.
It's a world of flavor, a Wonka world of fun, and just before you know it, this yummy candy's done! Sweetarts have always been a candy lover's favorite!
Rope in the flavour and fun with the fantastical and magical Sweetarts Ropes Bites Candy!