Swedish Fish Snapple Fruit Flavor Mix - 3.59oz

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Swedish Fish and Snapple collaboration!

Snapple in a candy? That's right—the dream team of flavors has come together with the Swedish Fish Snapple!

The fresh and fruity taste of your favourite Snapple drink has been captured inside these colourful Swedish Fish!
Chewy and vibrantly flavoured, these sweet fishies are ready to swim into your mouth and deliver the flavors of kiwi strawberry, fruit punch and mango madness.
This is the candy collaboration you never knew you needed. These Swedish Fish candies are a real catch!
We've been on a delicious wave since this retro candy came to North America in 1957. Most famous for its original red berry-infused flavor, Swedish Fish also offers various flavors and sizes.
Get your tastebuds hook, line and sinker with the Swedish Fish Snapple Fruit Flavor Mix!