Swedish Fish Mini Bulk Candy - 5lbs

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Stock up on these Swedish Fish!

These Swedish Fish are just waiting to swim right into your candy-craving mouth! The mini Swedish Fish will have you eating like the "big fish" you are.

This bulk candy is ideal for sharing or enhancing your very own personal candy stash!
Open wide! These Swedish Fish are soft and chewy and brimming with a sweet and fruity flavor. They might be mini but the flavor is oh so mighty!
This retro candy made its unforgettable debut in 1957. If you're old enough, you'll remember eating these out of a brown paper bag.
Originally Swedish Fish made their way from Sweden to North America. No doubt they were swimming! These fantastic fish are available in multiple flavors, shapes and sizes!
In the great big sea of candy the Swedish Fish are some of the most incredible tasting candies you'll ever taste, and that's not a fish tale!
Make it your catch of the day candy with the Swedish Fish Mini Bulk Candy!