Super Gummy Frog - 5.29oz

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Giant-Sized Gummy Candy!

You'll love to have this frog in your throat! The Super Gummy Frog is a giant-sized gummy candy. When we say giant, we mean more like gigantic, colossal! This gummy candy frog is just plain BIG!

This fantastic frog is ready to leap into your mouth with its incredible and fruity flavors!
Available in green apple or strawberry, every bite will unleash a world of remarkable taste. It's soft and chewy and will provide any candy connoisseur hours of candy-eating bliss!
With every bite, you might begin to imagine yourself lazily lounging beside a peaceful frog-infested pond. You won't mind as you watch them hopping and bopping onto those pretty, green water lilies. 
Hop into the fun and let your tastebuds leap into this candy extravaganza with the sweet Super Gummy Frog!