Sunchips Minis Harvest Cheddar - 3.75oz

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Thick and crunchy Sunchips!

Make the day bright and delicious with the Sunchips Minis Harvest Cheddar.

These Sunchips come in a convenient canister. So you can have a few now and save the rest for later, ensuring freshness.
As you taste these Sunchips, the bold taste of real cheddar cheese stands out. Made with whole grains, the texture is thick and crunchy. 
Enjoy these Sunchips as they are, or use them alongside your favourite dip or salsa. These also make a wonderful addition to a charcuterie board. 
We've been indulging in that famous crunch since 1991! Sunchips offer an extensive line of flavours and, as always, that incredible texture!
Find your place in the sun with the Sunchips Minis Harvest Cheddar!