Starburst Lemon Gelatin Dessert Mix - 3.89oz

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Dessert Mix from Starburst!

Pucker up for the tangy taste of lemon with the Starburst Lemon Gelatin Dessert Mix.

This flavorful dessert captures all that Starburst Candy goodness you crave.
It's fast and easy to prepare. Just follow the simple instructions on the package, and within no time, you'll have a luscious lemon dessert!
Impress your family and friends with this Starburst dessert. Enjoy it as is, or combine it with some fresh fruit or ice cream for an extra delicious twist.
Every bite is filled with that bright and fresh taste of lemon. Sure to have you reeling in its citrusy goodness.
You'll be jiggling and wiggling with every delicious bite! Savour the refreshing sweetness with Starburst Lemon Gelatin Dessert Mix.