Starburst All Pink Gelatin Dessert Mix - 3.93oz

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All Pink Dessert from Starburst!

Capture "All-Pink" in all of its delicious glory with the All Pink Starburst Gelatin Dessert Mix!

Echoing the famous taste of Starburst All Pink candy, but now you can indulge in this incredible tasting Jell-O like form.
Your sweet tooth will become immersed in the unforgettable flavor of the famous All Pink Starburst .
Able to transform its succulent strawberry taste into a dessert. With every jiggly, wiggly bite, your senses will come alive with the luscious taste of strawberry!
This show-stopping dessert will impress your guests! It's an easy gelatin dessert to assemble. Within minutes, you'll be a star in the kitchen!
With its pretty iconic pink color and its irresistible strawberry scent, each bite will add a burst of excitement to any day!
Discover All-Pink like never before with the Starburst All Pink Gelatin Dessert Mix!