Sour Punch Straws - Rainbow - 2oz

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The Rainbow gives you a sour punch!

Surrender to the power of sour with the Sour Punch Straws Rainbow Candy. This candy did not come to play!

Rainbows aren't always so sweet. Sometimes they greet you with a sour punch right square in the tastebuds!
These gut-wrenchingly delicious sour candies are ready to brawl!
Made with a chewy texture and a gang of tongue-tingling flavours. Get ready to crush it with the sour candy mix of Green Apple, Lemon, Strawberry, and Blue Raspberry.
A sour and sweet candy that comes with a sanded finish on the outside and a sweet relief in the middle.
Sour Punch Straws were made for those grunge-loving kids of the 90s and remain a popular 90s candy to this day!
Don't turn the other cheek. Suck it all up with the Sour Punch Straws Rainbow Candy!