Sour Punch Bites Not So Sour Candy - 105g

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Prepare for a Not-So-Sour Punch! 

If you love the flavor of Sour Punch Bites but sometimes need a break from the sourness, then you need to try Sour Punch Bites Not So Sour Candy! This deliciously gummy licorice sour candy comes in 4 delicious flavors including Dream Berry, Passion Punch, Grateful Grape and Cotton Candy. These super chewy fruity candies will have your taste buds jumping for joy! Easy to eat with its bite-sized pieces, the Sour Punch Not So Sour Candy is the ultimate fruity treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you’re in the giving mood, you can also share these gummy gems with your friends so they can experience the sweet sensational taste! 

3.7oz (105g) 

Made in the USA