Sour Power Straws Orchard Mix - 1.75oz

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Tastes like freshly picked sour candy!

Make your taste buds sting in a sour candy sensation! The Sour Power Straws Orchard Mix is just the sour thrill you've been looking for!

Long and lovely, these Sour Power Straws are bursting with a vibrantly fruity sweetness, followed by a memorable punch of sour!
Cringe your way through the flavors of banana, peach, granny apple and red raspberry.
Each straw is soft and chewy and comes with a sanded sugar finish, adding to the taste and texture of this sour candy.
An ideal candy for every sour candy lover around. Offering that sour-tasting cringe you crave.
It's all about the sour! Taste the power of sour with the Sour Power Straws Orchard Mix!