Sour Power Straws Mango - 1.75oz

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These sour candies taste like the tropics!

Claim your very own power, sour power, that is! With the Sour Power Straws Mango Candy.

This long sour candy will have you in a whirlwind. Put your coolest shades on, relax and be transported to a sunny and warm tropical island.
Made in a straw shape and filled with the abundantly fresh taste of Mangoes. You really don't want to miss this sour candy trip!
Every bite is loaded with incredible flavour, and that sour sting just hits you like a big ocean wave.
This sour and sweet candy also comes with a sanded finish, enhancing the chewy texture and adding that extra touch of fantastic flavor!
Be in your candy power with the Sour Power Straws Mango Candy!