Sour Patch Kids - Peach Candy - 3.56oz

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Picked by the Sour Patch Kids!

Be as sweet as a Georgia peach with the Sour Patch Kids Peach Candy.

This time we found them in a basket full of fresh peaches. That can only mean one thing, peach candy and fun!
Delve into the soft and chewy texture of this sour candy. Each bite is bursting with incredibly fresh flavour. It tastes like you're biting into a fresh and juicy, fuzzy peach.
This candy provides you with dual deliciousness. A sour then sweet candy all-in-one luscious taste. We just can't explain how these Sour Patch Kids do it, but they always pull off some of the best sour candy we've ever tasted!
Get to feeling peachy with the Sour Patch Kids Peach Candy!