Sour Patch Kids Lovers Candy Fun Box

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A candy box full of Sour Patch Kids!

Makes for a great candy gift box!

Are you up for a tasty adventure? These Sour Patch Kids are always up to something mischievously delicious.
Join in the fun with the Sour Patch Kids Lovers Fun Box!
Our Candyologists have created all the thrilling and delicious adventures in the Sour Patch Kids Candy Box.
Chew your way through some bold and fruity flavours and taste the sting of sour candy with our all-time favourite kids!
This flavorful candy box allows you to baby your tastebuds and will take you to the sweet and sour candy,tongue-tingling tastes of Sour Patch Kids Candy!
Share in the fun with this candy gift box. It makes the perfect gift for those sour candy lovers in your life.
Never stop playing! Feed your inner child with the Sour Patch Kids Lovers Fun Box!

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