Sour Patch Kids Heads - 154g

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Double the Fun, Double the Flavor!

Taste the face-twisting sour explosion with Sour Patch Kids Heads! These delightfully mischievous candies take the classic sweet and sour thrill to a whole new level. Each piece features two flavors in one, creating a harmonious blend of fruity flavors that will make your snack session unbelievably good! Will it be blue raspberry and pink lemonade, or pineapple and redberry?

Every bag is a surprise-filled adventure! Perfect for sharing the joy or keeping it all to yourself, Sour Patch Kids Heads are the snack that turns every moment into a memory worth sharing. Get ready for a double dose of fun that will leave you craving more!

Make your day extra sour when you explore our Sour Patch Kids collection!


Made in Canada