Sour Patch Kids - Grape Candies - 5oz

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A bunch of Sour Patch Kids!

Wine and dine your tastebuds with the refreshing taste of Sour Patch Kids Grape Candies.

These kids are always into something delicious, and this time they've been into the grapes!
Trust us, we didn't have to hear this through the grapevine either. These luscious grape-flavored chewy candies start off with a sour candy sting before subsiding into a well-deserved sweetness!
As you bite through this Sour Patch Kids candy, every bite is remarkably chewy, and that tangy taste of grape will leave you wanting more!
Every sour candy comes with a sanded sugar finish adding an exciting crunch with every chew!
Sour Patch Kids has been making candy time an adventure since the late 1970s. Available in a variety of different sizes, and flavors, these kids make every bite fun and flavorful!
Indulge in a "bunch" of deliciousness with the Sour Patch Kids Grape Candies!