Sour Patch Kids - Blue Raspberry Candy 3.6oz

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 These Sour Patch Kids turned blue!

You could never feel blue with these candy-crazed kids around! Turn that frown upside down with the Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry Candy!

This sour candy is brimming with the tart and tangy taste of Blue Rasberry. Every bite is sure to satisfy with an unbelievable chewy texture that is second to none!
This Sour Patch Kids Candy is a yummy kid-shaped treat. It's sour and sweet candy. You get the sour candy, zing first before it subsides into the ultimate sweetness!
Adding to the texture is a sanded and pucker some flavoured coating that could find you enjoying it from your fingertips!
Taste blue like never before with the remarkable fun of the Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry