Sour Patch Kids Grape - 3.58oz

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Fresh picked by the Sour Patch Kids!

When these kids get into the grapes, they don't make wine, just sour candy!

Taste the "grapeness" with the Sour Patch Kids Grape Candy.
This soft and chewy candy is bursting with the luscious and tangy taste of grapes. Sour grapes? Yes, but in the best way possible!
They come in clusters of grape shapes. This sour candy surely packs an intense taste and chewy texture.
It's filled with a sour then sweet taste in each and every bite.
Made with such incredible and fresh flavour, you'll think you've bitten into an entire bunch of succulent grapes.
These Sour Patch Kids always come through. They play, but never when it comes to candy!
Get into the grip of grapes with the Sour Patch Kids Grape Candy!