S'moresels Theatre Pack - 3.1oz.

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Give me S'more of this Movie Theater Candy

We can just hear it now. We know that after one bite, you'll be asking for s'more with the S'moresels Theater Pack. You don't need a tent or campfire for this delicious candy. Just get comfy, sink into your sofa and indulge in the incredible tastes of this chocolate candy.

Indulge in the bite-sized taste of a creamy marshmallow and graham cracker middle finished with a layer of yummy chocolate!
Perfect for a movie night at home. If the movie is a flop, you can rest assured that these sensational candies will be a hit. 
Move over popcorn and make way for the S'moresels Theater Pack!
  • Made in the USA
3.1 oz (88 g)