Skittles Sour Candies - 151g

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Sour & Super Satisfying Skittles!

Pucker up for this sour sensation! Skittles Sour candy comes in the same fruity flavors as the original Skittles but with a mega sour kick! One bite of the sweet and sour candy will be met with a colorful candied shell and fruity chewy gum-like center. The sour Skittles flavors include Grape, Lemon, Strawberry, Green Apple and Orange flavors. Enjoy this retro candy in larger quantities with the 5.7oz bag. Sour Skittles are the ultimate treat to enjoy on a picnic with friends, or alone by yourself during a Netflix binge watch. Either way, the sweet and sour Skittles will satisfy your every craving! 

5.7oz (162g) 

Made in the USA