Skittles Gummies Sour - 5.8oz

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Gummies from Skittles!

Get your pucker on with the Skittles Gummies Sour!

These sour candy gummies are ready to exhilarate your tastebuds. 
Filled with fantastically flavorful fruit-filled tastes. Just waiting to give you a powerful, sour-full Skittles Candy experience!
Colourful and awesomely chewy, prepare to be blown away with the flavours of Lemon, Green Apple, Orange and Strawberry.
These Skittles come complete with a top-secret tangy coating on the outside and a sweet relief of a middle. Delivering a sour and sweet candy with a big and delicious bang!
Make it sensationally sour with the tongue-tingling taste of Skittles Gummies Sour!