Skittles Brightside Candies-56g

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Feel Brighter & Sweeter with Skittles Brightside

Shine a brighter smile with Skittles Brightside Candies. Skittles Brightside has the irresistible chew of the original Skittles with new sweet flavors that will leave you wishing they came in a larger bag. With delicious tropical flavors ranging from Watermelon, Paradise Punch, Kiwi Banana, Pink Lemonade and Tangerine. Grab a handful of these brightly colored Skittles and see how delighted your taste buds will become with the sweet treat. If you love Skittles and haven’t tried this variation yet, you need to add it to your must-try list asap! Once you have one, you’ll notice that Skittles Brightside will be a permanent addition to your candy stash! Give these sweet treats a try, and share with friends for a fun snacking experience.

  • Gluten free
  • Gelatin free

2oz (56g)

Made in the USA