Nerds Candy - Cherry Drink Mix - 16.2g

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On the go Nerd Candy Drink Mix

Bring a taste of Nerds Candy everywhere you go with the Nerds Candy - Cherry Drink Mix!

This is what Willy Wonka drinks every day! Staying hydrated is always important. These On The Go Drink Mix make it a cinch!
Experience that Nerds Candy goodness in a few simple steps! Grab your water bottle, pour in the powdered drink mix, and shake it like you're a crazy and thirsty Oompaloompa!
You'll taste the revitalizing flavor of Cherry Nerds with this fast and easy drink!
Being thirsty is never an option! Transform your boring old water into a drink that Wonka would approve of!
Make it extraordinary with the magical taste of Nerds Candy - Cherry Drink Mix!
6 Drink Mix Packets | 16.2g