Rock Candy Sticks - Blue Raspberry - 22g

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Rock Candy Sticks are an old fashioned candy.

Dazzle your taste buds with the brilliant taste of the Rock Candy Sticks Blue Raspberry.

This old-fashioned candy comes on a wooden stick and offers a rock-like appearance in the top lollipop portion.
Crunch your way through the taste of blue raspberry with this beautiful blue Rock Candy Stick!
As you unwrap this Rock Candy, you'll be mesmerized by those beautiful, blue-hued sugar crystals. Take a bite and taste that tangy raspberry flavor with just enough sweetness to deliver an authentic raspberry taste. 
Savour it slowly or crunch your way through this old-fashioned candy. Every taste will have you going down memory lane!
Often enjoyed at celebratory events, Rock Candy Sticks make an ideal candy to serve up at showers or birthday parties. Sure to add the perfect touch of color and, of course, sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!
Taste the brilliance of blue! With the Rock Candy Sticks Blue Raspberry!
  • Espeez Cotton Candy Rock Candy Sticks are 22 grams each and 5 inches of assorted candy on a 6.5-inch stick making them the biggest rock candy sticks on the market.
  • Rock Candy sticks are a sweet addition to any candy buffet! Decorate your candy table with these beautiful blue candies. 
  • Your guests will appreciate that these delicious Rock Candy Sticks as they only have 85 calories per stick, are certified Halal, Kosher, Nut-Free, and Gluten-Free.
  • Individually Wrapped