Ritz Crackers - Lemon (Korea) - 96g

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Ritz Crackers from Korea

Add a tangy twist to your snack with these Ritz Crackers, imported from Korea.
Nestled in between two buttery-tasting Ritz crackers is a citrusy lemon filling. Every crunchy bite is exhilarating and offers a unique flavor.
These flavors create a tangy and sweet flavor profile that is unbelievably delicious. The famous crunch of Ritz is an incredible match for that zesty lemon.
Perfect for an unconventional snack, any foodie would love to try these. Add them to a charcuterie board for a sophisticated touch!
Ritz has been the original cracker since 1935. That Ritz Crackers crunch just never gets old! 
Make your day deliciously zesty with the Ritz Crackers - Lemon!