Ring Pop Twisted - .5 oz.

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Put a Ring Pop on it!

Make a real fashion statement with this Ring Pop Twisted! These lollipops come on a convenient ring, making them easy and fun to eat!

Every Ring Pop offers a twisted-looking lollipop portion that includes two flavors in one lollipop! Taste the flavors of citrus craze, twisted berry blast, watermelon, and blue raspberry.
Be a real candy baddie and wear a Ring Pop on every finger! All eyes will be on you. Don't forget your bestie; get some extra so you can share in the delicious fun of these Ring Pops!
We've been flaunting this retro candy since it made its debut in 1979! Originally the maker of this candy invented it as a way to make his daughter stop sucking on her thumb.
Don't get it twisted; diamonds are not a girl's best friend; it's always candy! 
Put a ring on it with the Ring Pop Twisted!